est things to do in Pokhara

Things to do in Pokhara
Best things to do in Pokhara

Things to do in Pokhara

If you are planning your next vacation to Pokhara, please don’t make just the rout to your ABC trekking, keep some days aside to experience the real beauty of the city. Most of the traveler only know about this city as a gate way to Annapurna Trek. As we recommend, you will find the so many facts about the real beauty of Pokhara only if you spend at least 3 days here. This city is featured in different international media for most beautiful places of Nepal and most visit places in the world. Here you can find Top Things to see in Pokhara you will know the why it is so precious city besides trekking.

  1. Paragliding

    Are you thinking something more adventurous things at Pokhara then do paragliding and Ultralight you will be touching the sky and amazing Annapurna mountains view in front of you.

  2. Bungy Jump

    Would you like to experience another thrilling adventure in Pokhara, Bungy Jump. If you are adventure sports lover don't miss this in Pokhara.

  3. Zip Flyer

    Try worlds longest and highest breath taking thrilling zip flyer.

  4. Pokhara Canyoning

    Pokhara Canyoning has been giving the adventure enthusiasts a taste of extreme sport, that one will never forget.

  5. Fewa Lake

    Phewa lake, second largest lake in Nepal after Rara lies in the heart 0f Pokhara valley and is the one of the most frequently visited destinations of nature lovers in Nepal and all around the globe.

    Pewa Lake
  6. International Mountain Museum

    International Mountain Museum, abbreviated as IMM, was officially opened on 5th february 2004 with the misson to record and preserve the history of mountaineers, ecological characteristics and human activities.

  7. Visit Sarangkot

    Sarangkot, one of the popular tourist destinations of Pokhara valley lies at an altitude of about 1500m above the sea level. About 20 minutes ride on cab from Bindawasini Temple leads to a hill station through about 3km circuitous road.

  8. Hike to the Santi Stupa

    In Nepali language 'Shanti' means peace that why this pagoda style stupa,lying at an altitude of about 1100m above the sea level is also called peace pagoda. Built by monk,Nochidastu Fuji under instruction of his guru Myohoji in 1973.

  9. Visit Davi's Fall

    Davis falls also known as 'Patale Chango' is a waterfall that passes through 150 m long natural tunnel.The tunnel acts as an outlet of execessive water of Phewa lake and goes about 50m below the ground level.

  10. Explore Old Pokhara

    Most of the tourists who come to Pokahara usually have their sojourn around lake side and some may never notice an archaic place from where the civilization of Pokhara flourished.

  11. Visit Bindabasini Temple

    Bindawasini temple, shrine of Hindu goddess Durga is the most idoilized pilgrimage site in Pokhara. The temple stands at an altitude of about 2500 ft above the sea level and is connected to Bhupi Sherchan highway.

  12. Explore Mahendra Cave

    Mahendra cave, a limestone cave lying to the northern part of Pokhara valley was named after Late king Mahendra and was discovered in late 50s by local herdsman.

  13. Explore Gupteswor Mahadev cave

    Gupteswor Mahadev cave , a sacred cave is just 2km away from domestic airport and is connected by Siddhartha Highway. The interior of the cave eventually opens into the Davis falls and is about 3Km.

  14. Explore Bat cave

    In Nepali language 'Chamera' means bat and for the same reason bat cave is also known as 'Chamere Gufa'.Lying at an altitude of about 1000m above the sea level.

  15. Visit Begnas Lake

    Begnas lake lying about 10km southeast of Pokhara is a fresh water lake that spreads over an area of about 3.3 sq Km with average depth of 6.6m.



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