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Nepalese cuisine is an amalgamation of flavours, culture, tradition and gastronomic history. The most beautiful thing about Nepalese cuisine is the culture and belief of food, you will find different dishes on every different occasion. If you go deeper, there are a number of iconic flavours you yet have to discover in Nepal. Nepalese cuisine quit influenced by India, China and Tibet. But you find a very different and lip-smacking test with Nepalism on it. Our cousins cooked in less fat and are supposed to be healthy. Nepalese use different herbs and species, not only in test, but there is also a significant role of aroma too. The common dishes in Nepalese cuisine includes salads, soups, lean curries, vegetables, lean meat, pickles, and curd. The ingredients include onions, tomatoes, gingers, chillies, coriander, garlic, mustard oil and more.

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